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We offer you Outsourced Part time Finance Director expertise

When your business is seeking to take the next steps to grow, we believe finance becomes the lifeblood of your business.

Therefore, for CEOs to understand the financials better, our experienced, on-demand and accomplished Finance Director will work together with you. We will lead you with strategy and professionalism.

We serve with truth and fairness to help you reach your profits, goals & purpose.

How can an Outsourced Part time Finance Director help you?

It is unfeasible to run and grow your business without knowing the numbers inside out. But many SMEs cannot afford a full time Finance director or they do not see the need.

An Outsourced Part time Finance Director is a excellent yet affordable opportunity to access first class and high quality advice on your financials, that will help you plan, control and manage your business, allowing you to be free to prioritise on the importance - your business and your life.

✔️ 20+ years experience


We work in partnership with the team helping you achieve your goals and making your business more profitable.

So you can focus on what really matters: Your business and your life.

No more worries and fears. When you bring us in, we will become your faithful partners, making sure your business is back on the wagon.

✔️Our Easy and Effective Solution


We are much more than just a chartered accountant or a bookkeeper. We look at the big picture, providing you with the best strategic financial insight possible, helping you manage your business better.

We will brainstorm, support and challenge you.

Putting your ideas into real numbers. Transforming your business to make better decisions with a healthier bottom line.

✔️ How often do we work with you?

We offer flexible contracts from as little as 0.5 days a month, or one-off projects.

Our Finance Director’s Powers

We are highly committed to hit the ground running and achieve transformational outcomes to help SMEs to access high-level financial expertise. From a growth stand-point to a succession plan and even a potential exit.


Support on raising funds- We will plan for when, and how much funding is needed specifically for your business.


Forecasting - We will build financial models to forecast the performance of your business


Manage your Cash Flow = We manage the cash coming in and out of the business so you can invest in your desired projects.


Optimise your profits- We aim to reduce your costs, provide thorough analysis of your margins, stock, services & more to improve your wealth.


Competitive analysis- we help you understand the opportunities and threats with the players in the field.


Planned Exit Strategy- we support you to assemble clearly the fundamentals and strategies to prepare you the sale of your business. Or if your keen, to buy another one.

✔️ Ongoing support

We will strengthen your business by advising yet challenging you. Executing with financial insight and expertise which helps you run your business easier.

As a priority we build the human connection with you as well. We don’t just advise. We listen intently.

✔️ Next steps?

Call or meet face-to-face with us to discuss your current conditions and discover if a Part Time CFO/FD is right for you.

Our uniqueness: in a nutshell

How we are different.png
  • We are not traditional accountants - we look forward into the future. Not backwards.

  • We can support you on all finance areas. Not just accounting eg raise more funding or sell your business

  • We focus on general business advice - creating you more cash and profit

  • We work with businesses from start-up to £10 million of turnover. At this level you will need more than an accountant.

  • We focus not just on your business. We also focus on you.

We help you build a successful business with more profits and cash. In a unique way that creates a happy, fulfilling life.
— Indy agnihotri


Finance Experts with a Service Mindset

We are all about high impact leading with our key values

  1. We are experts in Finance, Accounting and Consulting.

  2. We are of high value and serve our clients impactfully.

  3. We are trustworthy and have high integrity.

  4. We are encouraging and supportive leaders with our clients and within our team.

  5. We are efficient & productive.

  6. We are generous, genuine & kind.

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For job opportunities, please email us your CV. We’re always looking for new and exceptional talent to lead the firm into uncharted fields of practice.

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