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IA Finance & Consulting


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Graduate Finance and Consulting trainee


You will have a strong willingness to learn both finance and business consulting.

We have 20 years of experience of working in business, and we will train and coach you significantly. This includes experience of the areas of accounting, fund raising, sales, research and general business consulting.

We will focus on your needs, we will listen and ensure you get what you want from the role.

Given our commitment to serve and supporting business owners powerfully, you will be a person of service and integrity.

We move fast. So you will have a strong action mindset. You prefer action to perfection and are ok with making mistakes, yet with a want to improve and push yourself to higher limits.

We are masters/rainmakers at selling by giving our clients a strong return on their investment and therefore we want you to view your role through the very same lens. Value over price. Always.

You will be 100% committed to your work.


Financial Modeller


You are a top-class financial modeller, with excellent experience.

You will be excellent at building and communicating financial models to the team and our clients. Constantly challenging us and them. And not holding back on your thoughts.

A passion for continual improvement in your work.