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Our Team

Our team is full of creatives and action takers. We love initiative.

Our team focuses on the agile way, we adapt and move fast. We try our hardest, and sometimes we will fail but we will keep looking for improvements along the way. Perfection is a process we strive for.

We are high on client value and service, our clients come first. However, we seek clients who share our strong shared values and that means not everyone is for us, as we are not for them. Ultimately we seek to provide a happy, fulfilling, high quality and positive experience with whoever we work with or come in contact with.

And that includes within our own team.

Founder & CEO

Indy Agnihotri

Indy has followed his passion for providing advice to owner-managed businesses and entrepreneurs since he left the corporate world. He loves seeing and supporting entrepreneurs build their businesses.

He provides finance director support utilising his skills as an experienced Chartered Accountant and his extensive corporate experience working for Top 4 London consultancy firms. In his work with clients he has generated millions of cash for clients.

Indy loves playing the guitar. He plays the guitar with his soul.

Indy loves playing the guitar. He plays the guitar with his soul.

He has a strong interest in working with social enterprises and volunteered for 3 months in 2011 for a social business consultancy - working directly for Mohammed Yunus (Nobel Peace prize winner).

Indy also lectures on a part-time basis in business and finance matters.

All his work underpins his passion for coaching, mentoring, advising, supporting others. He is a natural giver.


The CEO Indy Agnihotri


Growth Partner

Daryl Woodhouse

Daryl is the founder of Advantage Business Partnerships which are London-based consultancy experts who offer services which include business growth advice, raising finance, strategic consultancy, sales/marketing advice, and non-executive director support.

Email: daryl.woodhouse@advantagebusinessltd.com

Other team members:

We employ and partner with ambitious professionals who share our belief in our shared values.

We employ and partner with ambitious professionals who share our belief in our shared values.

  • Our team, partners (and clients) are ultimately one and we support them equally to get them what they want. Their personal and business goals genuinely matter to us.

  • These include graduates seeking first-class training in a non-conventional finance and consulting environment.

  • We are always seeking exceptional and innovative talent.

Si Kan

Our latest recruit, Si portrays what we are seeking in our company.

A ‘natural giver’ and initiative taker, she gives her all to our company and our clients. She brings fresh energy and support in a way that it is clear it is not just a job for her. It is a way of her showing up in her own powerful state of being, which results in a powerful and authentic impact on clients (and us).

We look for those with both Character and Competence, seeking character first…..
— Indy agnihotri

The firm is regulated by the ICAEW. As part of the regulatory requirements, the business holds professional indemnity insurance with AXA insurance and undertakes client acceptance procedures before working with finance/accounting clients. This includes complying with relevant money laundering regulations.