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CEO Business Growth Programme

How to grow your business and train to become a £1m+ CEO

A 3-6 month business growth programme to train and become a real CEO in your business. And generate more cash and profits. If you want to be an entrepreneur, or become a BETTER entrepreneur. And you want to make £1m+ at least, you should read every word on this page…

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Grow your business exponentially

Why would you join?

Train like a CEO

  • Do you want to train to be like a CEO like that of a £1m or £10m business?

  • Developing your leadership and management skills

  • Stop treating your business as a small business and treat it like one that has 50+ employees with every key business component designed perfectly.

The programme will focus on creating more money and more profits, while building a ‘system’ for your business so it runs outside of you, freeing you time.

Creating more money and profit for your business

  • Generate more cash and profits using tried and tested tools and techniques

  • Sales and profit improvement strategies

  • Raising finance whether debt or equity

  • Sales and marketing planning

Create a system which has all the key business components needed

  • Help you shape your visions and dreams into reality

  • Develop your leadership and management skills

  • Build operational systems for all parts of your business.

  • A system for both planning and taking action.

Focus on your life and what you want

  • Focus on the important areas in your business. Eliminate what is unnecessary.

  • Focus on what you really want and your personal goals

  • A focus on fulfilment and happiness

  • Work on what you need to continue and what you need to stop doing

A word of warning

This Consulting Programme is not for everyone

This is ONLY for you if…

  • You are ambitious enough to want to generate £1m-£10m turnover

  • Have an action-orientated mindset and a willingness to stay committed

  • Willing to invest not only yo money but also your energy and time

  • Coachable and a willingness to do whatever is necessary

Here’s what you get in this programme

After joining the CEO Business Growth Programme, here’s what you will get…..

  • A kick off personalised 1:1 meeting so we consultants are able to learn as much as possible about your business/personal goals as well as your challenges, fears and desires.

  • Exclusive training where we reveal the tools and techniques for our success habits and powers that allowed the many CEOs we have worked with to reach levels of success and income they are living..

  • Exclusive insights where we reveal the top business/finance secrets that we know are reasons for successes and shootups from 1 million to 10...

  • Breakthrough sessions where we tackle your biggest challenges and fears. Once and for all.

  • Additional calls and support where clients can phone/email us to ask questions

  • And 5 essential bonuses that every CEO must have

    At each stage of your personalised programme you will be provided with reports, tools and techniques on how to grow a successful business. You can use these with all your fellow directors, managers and team members – as many times as you wish.

We can promise you that this will be the……

BEST money you have ever spent

The programme comprises of the following core modules – key for any successful business:


Here’s what to do next

  1. Apply: Click the "Join The CEO Business Growth Programme" button anywhere on this page

  2. Complete: Enter your application form

  3. Process: We'll call you back to discuss the program in detail and answer any questions you might have

  4. Review: The first few applications will be assessed to see if you are suited for this program

  5. Start: Those lucky business entrepreneurs will be selected for the trial and will start the consulting program as soon as possible

So click the button below to join the highest quality, and the best consulting programme in the world!

But before you do, I have to give you a heads up

The Clock is ticking

Don't let this opportunity fly past you...

One of the many features of successful CEOs and business professionals is their determination to be ACTION takers - with no excuses... And that's what we ask you to do now.

And of course there's a money back guarantee - a 20 day unconditional money back guarantee. And if you want to cancel or ask for a your money back for any reason send us an email at info@iafinanceconsulting.co.uk) and we will ensure it is actioned.

The risk is on us, so we can give you the most value possible.

Click the button below to join the CEO Business Growth Programme.

Meet the Best Business Consultants in the field

Daryl Woodhouse and Indy Agnihotri are founders of award-winning business advisory companies providing business scale up services including lean business growth advice, raising finance, strategic consultancy, sales/marketing advice, talent development and non-executive director support.

Our Commitment to YOU

If you follow our programme and our advice, you are guaranteed to grow your business significantly

Your business can be designed to be more successful. If you are willing to commit yourself

A reminder…

  • Premium CEO Business Growth Programme

  • Business/Finance Toolkits and techniques used for many successful entrepreneurs

  • Build your ideal successful empire sessions. With leading consultants Daryl Woodhouse and Indy Agnihotri

  • 5 Bonuses including a Kindle

For more information and to express your interest in our CEO Business growth programme, please contact Indy Agnihotri at indy@iafinanceconsulting.co.uk or Daryl at daryl.woodhouse@advantagebusinessltd.com