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Heart over mind

Making a change

At IA Finance & Consulting we aim to impact lives by making a difference to those in need

We are not just about making money for businesses. We in fact choose our clients carefully, those who have a moral compass.

Giving back to those in need helps others achieve their dreams and drives changes to their lives. We have teamed up with a leading social enterprise called B1G1 for our giving projects. This ensures that each contribution goes directly to the projects we choose, and make the greatest possible impact.

We are on a mission to create 1,000 impacts round the world by 31 October 2019

Why we give

Many people around the world are less fortunate, and do not have the pleasures we have.

  • No clean water to drink or wash.

  • No access to education

  • Not enough food to eat

  • No shelter

The ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ as it is called, are the 2.7 billion people who live on less than $2.50 a day

We believe that by giving we can start to help the lives of the disadvantaged, wherever they are in the world, whether at home here in the UK or elsewhere.

Results so far

Impacts to date across us and all our partners.

We have a voting system for the projects we support as follows


1) Choose

Every quarter, we choose projects to donate to. These projects will change the lives of those we help.

2) Vote to change

Contact us to vote for the projects that you want us to help.

3) Give to those in need

The project with the most votes will receive the majority of funds. But all projects will be funded in some way.

We are currently supporting projects around children and the older generation. To contribute click on the link below

When you let your money moves to the things you care about. Your life lights up. That’s really what money is for
— The Soul of money- Lynne Twist