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Are you a Giver, Taker or a Matcher?

Building a successful business comes through service and giving. Really you ask?


A great book, ‘Give and Take’, talks about there being 3 types of people in the world: ‘givers’, ‘takers’ and ‘matchers’. What are you?

  • Did you know which of these are most successful?

  • And which are the least successful (the doormats of the world?).

The answer in both cases is a giver.

Be a giver.

However only a certain type. Yes give. But don’t give it ALL a way. Do filter. So be careful who you give to, give to fellow givers and matchers – not to a taker. But start off by giving to everyone but do look out for the takers in life. I’ve seen a few in my lifetime! And note ‘cold’ people and ‘friendly’ people are not necessarily indicators of who a giver or taker is.

You need to get to know someone to really see their intentions and actions. The other principle build ‘commitment’ in people and ensure people acknowledge what you are doing when you give. And do when you need to ‘ask’ for things. Like most principles, it is just a ‘model’ of how people are, and it is never black or white. But it can be useful when dealing with people you want to do business. And if you want to build that successful business.

Written by Indy Agnihotri of IA Consulting + Finance, specialists in providing finance/accounting services that generate you more profits and cash. With a happiness and fulfillment mindset.

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