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Why I coach? And what I look for in my clients

I love coaching.

Serving and impacting the person in front of me. It allows me to bring my energy, focus, commitment and challenge to every session I am in with a client. I believe in building a coaching practice based on service. And so, I wake up most days thinking, who can I help today? However, I don’t just help anyone. I set high criteria for those that I work with. What I present below is from my own coach’s coach (Rich Litvin) who has taught me the following philosophy. I love it.

1. SELF-ISH: We really care for others but also take real care of ourselves. We give ‘our’ all— we don’t give ‘it’ all.

2. FILTER: We are strategic in our giving—we give to other ‘givers’ and ‘matchers’, so that our work has the maximum desired effect; we rarely give to takers who will just drain us of energy.

3. STRATEGIC: We don’t only focus on the money—we give in ways that support our learning, create referrals, build stories and develop our experiences.

4. SERVE DON’T PLEASE: We hide nothing and hold nothing back. We are not afraid to tell the person in front of them what they need to hear. We have an impact that is intense, and we challenge clients in a way that would scare most coaches.

5. SERVE vs SELL: Most coaches show up to sell. We show up to SERVE. Coaching is a relationship business and our only mission is to touch the heart and attention of the person in front of us.

6. HELL YES vs HELL NO: We set clear criteria for our dream clients and we set the bar high. We filter for those clients and are rarely willing to settle for anything less.

Written by Indy Agnihotri of IA Consulting + Finance, specialists in providing finance/accounting services that generate you more profits and cash. With a happiness and fulfillment mindset.

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