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The truth alone is not enough


I recently encountered a situation. A situation that has no turning back.

After raising a company £millions and continuously offering so much support to them and even waiving tens of thousands of pounds of fees for them.

I was forced to resign.

Unethical. No logic. Emotion driven.

But walking away from that experience, I realised 3 things:

1) The journey in business is never linear

2) Sometimes the truth alone isn’t enough, and that presentation of the truth is just as important as the truth

3) Having a bad boss isn't your fault. Staying with one is

And a realisation that universal principles are more important (truth, fairness, integrity) than anything else. And making a stand for what you believe in, comes from that place. More important than money. More important that positioning. More important than winning.

At IA Coaching & Finance, we work with our clients so intensely that we grow their business exponentially. For some that can be too much for them.

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