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Finance & Business Consulting for Solo-entrepeneurs

Finance Consulting for Startups and solo-entrepeneurs

We offer three options to work with you, supporting you on your accounting, funding, cash flow, and consulting. Ultimately we increase cash and profits in your pocket.


 Presentation of Finances for Investors

One of the most important parts of startups is fund raising. Ensuring your finances are presented in the best possible way to investors is imperative. By having the support of a dedicated finance team you can present, speak about, and answer questions on your finances with confidence.

General Fundraising Advisory

Our experience in and around the financial side of startups for the past 20 years as well as a general understanding of fundraising on the whole has allowed us to be effective advisors on the topic. Not only can we help connect you with potential investors, but we can also help consult on the deals you are seeking or presented with to make certain you are getting the best outcome.

Financial Model Creation

We develop financial models using your business model and apply best practice theory to develop a linked, equation, and logic driven model that forecasts the future financials of the firm. This will show how any decision made within the company can affect the overall cash flow, balance sheet, and bottom line. Having this understanding can guide decisions and facilitates sustainable business growth.


Cash Flow, Cost, and Revenue Forecasting

Accounting has a lot of complexities to it which is why it is crucial that you have someone dedicated to managing your company’s finances. Our nuanced understanding of accounting based on our trade knowledge and numerous client case studies has allowed us to know and learn how to manage and capitalize on these complexities. We can manage your bookkeeping to reduce costs, improve your cash flows, further your revenue, and even increase profits.

Reducing Your Tax

To promote startup growth the government has implemented an R&D Tax Credit and Tax relief for startups. Unfortunately, it is complicated legislation that not many firms can properly take advantage of. Fortunately, we have extensive experience on the topic and have worked with numerous startups to maximize their return from R&D investment. 

Debt and Equity Financing

Not only can we advise on which type of funding strategy would be the best opportunity for your firm, but we can also help connect you with the people and companies that can provide those financing options.