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Wealth Management


We work collaboratively with Martello Wealth Management, a Partner Practice of St. Jamesโ€™s Place. They are one of the leading wealth management companies in the UK, a FTSE 100 organisation and regulated by the FCA.


Our services

Investment advice

  • Create sources of income for yourself currently and in the future

  • E.g. For your family, emergency, retirement.

  • Advice on asset management

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Retirement Planning

  • Pensions advice

  • Inheritance tax planning (IHT)

  • Probate planning

  • Summary on how to achieve your desired retirement income

Personal Finance Planning

  • Personal finance

  • Business finance

  • Give you tax advice + reduce your tax


Exit Planning strategy

  • Corporate advice how to exit your business

  • Devise a strategy on your calling


  • Advice on health/life insurance

  • Key man/shareholder protection