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How poor is your Soul?

Mother Teresa called it the ‘deep poverty of the soul’ that afflicts the wealthy and said this poverty of soul in the western world was deeper than the financial poverty she saw in other parts of the world.


How Poor is your Soul?

Our relationship with money fascinates me and has led me to really look at our relationship with money. Here I begin my analysis of how we view money, starting with the fact that we often believe money is a scarce commodity, and making as much as possible is the key.


Do you have enough money in life?

Do you want more?

What if the answer was not just about making more money. But having a better relationship with money, and how we perceive it and the value it really provides us?

Most people see money as a scarce commodity, something which we don’t ever have enough of. They are often governed by 3 ways of looking at money:

Myth 1: There is not enough – that we won’t ever have enough of what’s needed to have a satisfying, happy or productive life

Myth 2: More is better – like the hamster wheel, always making more, an addiction not knowing when to stop. When we buy into the story that more is better, we can never arrive.

Myth 3: That’s just the way it is – resigning ourselves to that’s just way things are with money and not doing anything about it.

What if these myths are just that, myths?

What about if we turned our view of money around to the ‘law of enough’ Enough is a place you can arrive at and dwell in. Right now.

So, we can refocus and reallocate that energy and attention towards appreciating what we already have, what’s already there, and making a difference with that. And not just noticing but making a difference with what we already have.

When you make a difference with what you have, it expands.

And taking this further, what if we consciously appreciated what we have. New value can be created through our deliberate attention to the value of what we already have.

What we appreciate, appreciates.

And actually, as I think that applies to absolutely anything in life, a need to intrinsically appreciate things more. Our relationship with money just happens to be a key one.

So, if you do have the ‘poverty of the soul’ that Mother Teresa speaks about (and that applies particularly to all the rich people out there as well), maybe start to consciously appreciate the money you have.


 Written by Indy Agnihotri of IA Consulting + Finance, specialists in providing finance/accounting services that generate you more profits and cash. With a happiness and fulfillment mindset.

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